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Matthias Eckel

Welcome to NocheDePasion!

NocheDePasion is a team of friends and volunteers dedicated to strengthening and connecting the tango community. Our gatherings are based on a private basis and are under the observance of CODIGOS (Codigo de Etiqueta).

Christian Beyreuther

NocheDePasion consists of Christian Beyreuther, an idea man with over 15 years of tango experience, as well as other supporters, DJs and business partners who accompany NocheDePasion on its way.

All of us at NocheDePasion are excited about the new adventures the future holds!
Matthias Eckel
Matthias Eckel
Together with my partner Gaile Rimgaile Maline and our dedicated friends and reliable business partners, we do everything we can to make our event an unforgettable experience. Our close cooperation forms the foundation for our success, and we work hand in hand to create the best possible conditions.

Our friends and partners are not just companions, but inspiration and idea providers. Their creative influences enrich our planning and bring fresh perspectives to the design of our event. Their diverse talents and experiences help ensure that we work out every detail with care and precision.
Jens Paritzsch

Our idea

We invite you to NocheDePasion, a tango weekend with milonguero friends from around the world who love social dancing to traditional tangos in close embrace.

Let's create a beautiful atmosphere together and enjoy the tandas played. We want to dance mindfully, considerately, in close embrace to traditional music and therefore we assume the following:
  • Invitation by Mirada/Cabeceo
  • Establishing eye contact before joining the ronda
  • dance in the river of the ronda in the chosen track
  • no high boleos or ganchos - feet stay on the ground
  • move mindfully in the smallest space
  • after a tanda the dancers leave the dance floor
  • be curious about previously unknown dancers

We design the frame for you:

Jens Patizsch
...a beautiful dance hall with the best parquet floor
Matthias Eckel
...a limited number of invited guests
Matthias Eckel
...excellent international DJs
Matthias Eckel
...a balanced mix of the following and leaders

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